Riverside Tower ViewBy the time this post appears I will have been in transit for 30+ hours, but now in New York! It will still be Wednesday in New York though it is Thursday in Perth. I imagine I will be crashed out in my hotel on the Upper West Side, hopefully with a view over the Hudson River, but perhaps not, given the special price I paid for the room… The hotel is on Riverside, so that should put me in “A New York State of Mind.”

Update: nope, no view. But it looks like a nice park across the road. Off for a walk before the sun sets.

One of our former students, Allen Brown, has started his own blog exploring the nature of the Kingdom of God in Scripture. It is well worth a read if you enjoy biblical and especially, kingdom theology. The blog is called Seeking the Kingdom.

My lovely wife Monica, put me on to this one: The Slow Professor. It is a blog post about a book of the same name by Maggie Berg and Barbara Seeber. The blog post, by recently retired academic Barbara King, reflects on the corporatisation of higher education.

Last December, I concluded 27 years of college teaching and, for now, I still feel a part of campus culture. I’m in contact with colleagues (locally, nationally and internationally) who feel burned by this corporate model. They work long hours yet have little time to read or write for work, or just to think — the faculty activities that Berg and Seeber say a university should prize most and that may benefit its students the most.

Riverside TowerPodcasts
Over the last few weeks I have given a talks on Christian ethics and Moral Reasoning at Lake Joondalup Baptist Church, on guidance and the Holy Spirit at Inglewood Community Church, and on the relation of science and faith at Lesmurdie Baptist Church. The podcasts of these messages are now online for anyone who is interested.

  1. Christian Ethics
  2. Guidance and the Holy Spirit
  3. Science and Faith