Congratulations, NYT

20151205-nyt-ed-page-oneTuesday October 29, 1929 “Black Tuesday” – No.

Sunday December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbour – No.

Friday November 22, 1963, JFK Assassination – No.

Sunday July 20, 1969, Armstrong on the Moon – No.
(Must have been a Monday Perth-time, because I stayed home from school to watch the moon landing.

Tuesday September 11, 2001 – No.

No doubt the New York Times reported on and editorialised these significant events of national history. Many other events, of course, could be added: World War II, Woodstock, Watergate, and the Berlin Wall. Yet not once did their editorial appear on the front page of the newspaper. Last week, however, the editors of the New York Times broke with almost 100 years of tradition and decided an event had occurred which was so significant, it had to be editorialised on the front page. Note, too, the bottom right-hand corner where Australia is referenced. Many people here disagree with many of John Howard’s policy decisions, but only few, I suspect, disagree with his action to introduce gun control.

Congratulations, New York Times: good call.