“Reading” an Audio Book

a-game-of-thrones-picI have listened to audio books a few times in the past, including a novel or two, a biography, and one or two popular theology books. Recently I started listening to A Game of Thrones. I had the first volume of the book on the shelf and wanted to read it, but hesitated due to its length, and the minimal time I get to read novels while semester is on. Then a friend told me that if I was going to read it, I should read all the books together. That, I knew, would never happen. And so I got a copy of the audio book.

I am up to about page 700 now. The large scale epic makes a very compelling tale. I “read” it while driving or cycling or doing housework. Sometimes I grab the copy off the shelf and read along for a bit. If I were trying to read the paper copy I might have made it to page 50. I find I keep up with the dialogue and drama as much as I would reading the paper copy, even on the bike. If I get distracted and miss a section I can always rewind.

I’m afraid I might be hooked…

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