Science, Creation and Genesis

BILL NYELast week’s “Great Debate” on the origins of life, the universe and everything has generated a small flurry of interest in evangelical circles. The Sydney Morning Herald, though, did not think much of the debate.

RJS (sorry, I don’t know her name, but she writes the science and faith posts over at Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed) has provided a useful annotated bibliography and some videos, for those interested in this debate and the authority of Scripture question that underlies it.

2 thoughts on “Science, Creation and Genesis

  1. Any comment in this are that does not take into account modern astronomy is largely academic and excruciatingly argumentative. And Professor Ross should come into it somewhere.

  2. Hi Roger – thanks for visiting!
    Ken Ham would, I think, dismiss Ross because he is an “old earth” creationist. But you are right: all the sciences need to be brought into the dialogue.

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