2018 Australian Theology Conferences

Two Australian theology conferences have released their Calls for Papers. The 2018 ANZATS Conference is scheduled for July 1-4 in Brisbane, and is themed “Sacrifice.” The Karl Barth Study Group will meet again at this Conference for our fourth time.

Shortly after that, the 2018 Theology Connect Conference is scheduled for July 13-14 in Sydney. Its theme is “Sin and Grace in Christian Theology.”

And then shortly after that, Vose Seminary is conducting a conference with Wisdom Literature specialist, Tremper Longman – details to follow shortly! But save the date: August 28-29, 2018.

2 thoughts on “2018 Australian Theology Conferences

  1. He is also an expert on the Genesis creation/theistic evolution question, which is very topical at the moment. How we view the Fall if Genesis’ account of Adam and Eve isn’t to be read literally is a very interesting theological question. Just saying…

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