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CrucibleThe new issue of Crucible Journal is now available. This Australian online theological journal is freely available, in its seventh year, and includes three sections: peer-reviewed articles, ministry resources for practitioners in Christian ministry, and book reviews. The editorial in the current issue gives its purpose:

Crucible’s aim is to enhance creative thinking about the relationship of biblical and theological principles to the life, ministry and mission of the church. It is a forum for scholars and practitioners to publish material, interact and resource the Christian community.

If you would like to subscribe to the free journal, you may do so on the home page. The Journal is now receiving papers for its November issue.

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  1. Yes, I would like to receive your journal. I am Rev. Dr. Barbara Kathleen Welch and I would like to submit an article that I wrote and was published, the article is only 1500 words.
    Best Regards,
    Rev. Dr. Barbara Kathleen Welch

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