End in Sight

Light_at_the_end_of_the_tunnel_This has been a very full semester for me, although now the end is in sight. The main source of the busyness has been teaching an introductory unit in church history which I am very much enjoying (great class!), as well as preparing the content for a distance studies mode. Each week’s lesson requires the research and writing of an approximately 5000-word paper. I have also taught two other units which have required a good deal of work, but not as much as the church history. On top of that, I have had more local church engagements and preaching spots than usual – something I also enjoy, though in hindsight, had I known just how busy I was going to be, I might not have taken on so much. Last Friday evening I gave a brief lecture on Christian Moral Reflection at Lake Joondalup Baptist. Last night I gave a short teaching on Life in the Holy Spirit at Inglewood Community Church. Later today Monica and I are driving three hours south to Margaret River for a worship seminar at the Baptist Church there tomorrow morning. On Sunday week I must prepare a new sermon for Lesmurdie Baptist—and on a challenging topic!

All this is to explain why my blogging has been quite minimal this semester; something had to give. Though I do love my work: it is a wonderful privilege to get to do what I do….