A Prayer on Sunday

Detail from the Rossano Gospel, 11th Century
Detail from the Rossano Gospel, 11th Century

O God my Creator and Redeemer, I may not go forth today except You accompany me with your blessing. Let not the vigour and freshness of the morning, or the glow of good health, or the present prosperity of my undertakings, deceive me into a false reliance upon my own strength. All these good gifts have come to me from you. They were yours to give and they are yours also to curtail. They are not mine to keep; I do but hold them in trust; and only in continued dependence upon you, the Giver, can they be worthily enjoyed.

Let me then put back into your hand all that you have given me, rededicating to your service all the powers of my mind and body, all my worldly goods, all my influence with others. All these, O Father, are yours. All these are yours, O Christ. All these are yours, O Holy Spirit. Speak, Lord,  in my words today, think in my thoughts, and work in all my deeds.

O blessed Jesus, who used your own most precious life for the redemption of your human brothers and sisters, giving no thought to ease or pleasure or worldly enrichment, but filling up all your hours and days with deeds of self-denying love, give me grace today to follow the road you did first tread; and to your name be all the glory and the praise, even unto the end. Amen.

(Adapted from John Baillie, A Diary of Private Prayer, 13)

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