Barth Study Group at ANZATS 2015

Church DogmaticsGreat news! For a couple of years I have wondered about the possibility of organising an Australian-New Zealand Colloquium for Barth scholars in our part of the world. So I very much welcome the following announcement from ANZATS (the Australian & New Zealand Association of Theological Schools):

The ANZATS 2015 Conference Planning Committee is pleased to announce an addition to this year’s Conference. The newly formed Karl Barth Study Group has been allocated three dedicated sessions as part of this year’s Conference programme to encourage reflection and discussion around the theological legacy of Karl Barth. Interested members of ANZATS, ANZSTS, and the theological and wider academic community are invited to submit the title of their proposed presentation at this conference, together with an abstract of 250-300 words by Monday March 16, 2015.

Details are available by right-clicking on this link:
ANZATS 15 Barth Study Group & Call for Papers

Perhaps I will see you there!

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