Ignatius of Loyola on Unity

Ignatius of LoyolaI liked this quote when I came across it recently during my devotional time. It is a little neo-Platonic, perhaps, but full of godly exhortation for all that!

“The most wonderful thing is unity with Jesus and with the Father. In him we shall partake in God if we firmly resist and flee all the arrogant attacks of the prince of this world. Unity of prayer, unity of supplication, unity of mind, unity of expectancy in love and in blameless joy: this is Jesus Christ and there is nothing greater than he. Flock together, all of you, as to one temple of God, as to one altar, to one Jesus Christ, who proceeded from the one Father, who is in the one and returned to the one.”

Ignatius of Loyola, cited in Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals, 443f.